Saturday, September 17, 2016


Why you become like this again?
Why you suddenly leave me again?
Why you suddenly act like this again?
I know I have no right to mad at you.

Why you become such a jackass again?
Can you at least give me a simple explaination? WHY?

I don't know why suddenly I become so mad.
I'm hurt.
I'm lonely.
I can't stand the idea that you are not mine anymore.
I can't face the reality that we can't go back together anymore.

I know I'm not supposed to feel like this.
I know I'm wrong.
I know I said I've moved on.
Yeah, I moved on. 

But, it is not your fault that I failed to move on again. 
I guess I'll stay in the past forever.
Even if I look like I'm moving forward, actually it is not. It's just a fake-mask that I put on. 
I know I can't be like this.
But.. To be honest, I will never ever completely move on. 

No matter what happen, you'll always stay in my heart, forever.
I've told you, right?
That you will always have a special place in my heart.
And also, in my life.

It's hurt.
It's so empty.
It feels like someone put their hand inside my chest and take something away. 
I feel so lost..

Trying to keep myself busy is not working, you know.
Because no matter what I do, I keep thinking about you.
Have you eat?
How's your day?
What plans do you have for today?
What are you doing right now?

I miss our conversations.
I miss you.
I miss your touch.
I miss your kisses.
I miss your hugs. 
I miss your voice.
I miss your hands wrapped around my waist when we're sleeping.
I miss seeing you in the morning when I wake up. 
I miss how you treat me so nicely.
I miss when you pull me closer when you're still asleep.
Oh God damn it, I miss everything about you.

It hurts, knowing you leaving without an explanation.

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